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Bathroom Trends 2021:
The Bold and the Beautiful

Neolith® reveals why it’s become the material of choice for the stylish, eco-friendly homeowner this year

Long gone are the days of simple bathrooms. Now, the spaces we use to keep ourselves clean have also become places to relax and rejuvenate for unlimited amounts of time, whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

While beautiful bathrooms are timeless, other important design decisions should be taken into account when renovating this space.

Neolith®, the pioneering brand of sintered stone and a popular material for bathroom surfacing, offers some insight into 2021 trends, and those essential details which never go out of style.

A slip-proof space

Neolith’s waterproof and non-porous, making it ultra-hygienic and a natural choice for bathrooms, where cleanliness is key, but a commitment to safety goes beyond anti-bacterial properties. Polished surfaces can be slippery when wet, so choosing an attractive, non-slip material is essential.

Neolith® Slip-No-More, an anti-slip treatment which can be added to any of the brand’s surfaces, regardless of colour and finish. Additionally, specifying a lightly textured finish, such as Riverwashed, can help add friction to bathroom flooring.

Stylish and sustainable

Further, with climate change an ever-growing problem, a sustainable bathroom is a sensible one in 2021. This can be achieved by specifying a surfacing material such as Neolith, which is manufactured in a carbon neutral environment with a 100% natural composition.

Continuing this theme, strategically curating plants around the bathroom, such as lush ferns and stylish succulents, not only creates a calming atmosphere but helps to remove significant amounts of CO2 from the room itself.

Classical Coo

Neolith has noticed, the marble look endures and appetite remains strong in 2021, with book matched patterns a must for elegant bathrooms.
Specifying a durable, stain-, scratch- and waterproof material like Neolith sintered stone allows you to experiment with a variety of striking marmoreal designs for the floors, walls, ceilings and even vanity tops of your bathroom without the risk of damage.

Au naturel

As most of us have had to stay home for long periods of time this past year, a yearning for the outdoors is something which will be prevalent in 2021 interior design.

Mixing organic-effect materials such as wood with modern accents like concrete, creates a sophisticated, urbane look. La Bohème and Beton are both a good choice to emulate it.With a 100% natural composition it delivers the same look and feel whilst also being waterproof, low maintenance and easy-to-clean, essential qualities within a bathroom setting

For those who tend to shy away from bold designs and instead prefer something chic yet discreet, Japandi style, which combines Scandinavian aesthetics with Japanese minimalism, is very much en vogue this year as well.

Untethered tubs

If you have multiple people in your household (and the space), a separate shower and bathtub combination is a great option for your bathroom. A freestanding bath will create an instant impression, and stands out against a pop of color.

Whether you prefer opulence when it comes to your bathroom’s design or something slightly more understated, Neolith offers a wide range of colour and finish options to create your desired look.