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Living in the lap of ‘Luxe’-ury

Neolith® Calacatta Luxe specified throughout stunning Californian kitchen

Nestled in the foothills of North Tustin, California, is the beautiful home of celebrated interior designer, Hilary Hale. Amongst the well-appointed and stylish rooms, a kitchen recently specified in visually striking Calacatta Luxe serves as the centrepiece.

A lover of ‘old world’ design elements, Hilary wanted to achieve a cozy, live-in look in the kitchen. However, she also wanted to add a touch of modern elegance and a twist of contemporary chic, leading to her choice of Calacatta Luxe Polished for room’s countertops and splashbacks.

The colour takes white marble to the next level with its navy and amber veining. The final result is an eye-catching kitchen, which combines neutral tones with bold features.



I’m really happy with the finished colour palette, and the neutral cabinetry allows Calacatta Luxe to be the star.
Hilary Hale

A kitchen with character

Hilary had used Neolith for previous projects. What really drew her to the material was the brand’s wide range of patterns, particularly its razor-close match to genuine marble, combined with enhanced durability and ultra-hygienic properties.

Thanks to Neolith’s versatility, it was possible for Hale to specify in one color across all the work surfaces.

My husband actually pushed for Calacatta Luxe and I’m so glad he did! It really drove the rest of my choices. I could use all the Earth tones and accent the space with beautiful brass hardware and light fixtures.
Hilary Hale

A sustainable and stylish result

I think people now are looking for low maintenance, sustainable options, utilizing renewable resources. Notably, designers and architects are noticing these requirements don’t mean sacrificing style. We can achieve the ‘look’ we want using more responsibly sourced materials, which can withstand daily life in a busy household, like mine. Necesitamos materiales como Neolith que puedan ofrecer durabilidad y estética a largo plazo.
Hilary Hale