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María Pombo is the Spanish influencer par excellence. Almost nearly a decade after she first created her Instagram account, she already has more than 2 million followers. A natural-born communicator who has rocked social media, she and her husband Pablo Castellano are featured in all sorts of publications and news stories which reflects their professional and personal success as well as a period of glory for both of them. As the cherry on top of the cake, they have just moved to a new house in the exclusive residential area known as El Bosque in Madrid.

“An all-out home renovation “

A few months ago, the couple gave us a house tour, ” house tour of the inside of their home following comprehensive renovations by Grupo Archarray, the company specializing in construction, renovations and interior rehabilitations owned by Pablo and his brother, Jacobo. “

It’s a beautiful 200 m2 home they’ve custom-built and filled with immense personality featuring lots of open space and plenty of light.

The interior design project led by interior architect Paty Pombo, María’s cousin, aimed to make all of the rooms in the home enjoyable and very livable. Thus, warmth has been the key. A color palette in earthly, sand and gray tones is complemented with a boho chic style achieving the main objective all while creating relaxed atmospheres that make people just want to be there.

When it came to choosing materials, María and Pablo were absolutely certain they had to be of the highest quality yet also be amazing to look at and high-performing. That’s why the couple selected Neolith® right from the start for different rooms in the house like the kitchen and dressing room as well as the exteriors and pool.

Spirit and peace in the kitchen

María Pombo and Pablo Castellano’s kitchen stands out due to the wise combination of materials like wood, iron and stone. And even more so because of the enormous island leading to the dining room and the terrace.
“In grayish tones with soft white veining, the island as well as the kitchen countertop in the Neolith® Zaha Stone model look just like natural stone and perfectly combine with the furniture to create a lovely, functional, spacious area with an incredible amount of light. ”

Ultra-hygienic, resistant and extremely easy to maintain, Neolith® is the perfect solution for the young couple’s busy life especially considering they have just become parents to Martín.

The fashion influencer’s dressing room

The most stylish room in the house where María keeps her best looks is a large dressing room with white tones and infinite closet space as well as an elegant dresser topped by Neolith® Iron Frost.

The minimalist, neutral design features delicate bits of metallic shine on a white background that contrasts with the golden knobs for balance and an incredibly chic style that’s just right for a top fashion influencer.

The terrace – a real oasis

On her “small oasis”, as María describes it, Neolith® Pietra di Luna is the real star of the exterior portion of the house.

This soft gray-toned material floods the walls and flooring, even the pool flooring, as it’s ideal for use on large surfaces given its timelessness and the fact it can be combined with other architectural elements. In this case, given the relaxed design sought, María and Pablo’s terrace inspired by Formentera’s bohemianchic style is overflowing with vegetation and furniture in all-natural fibers.

It’s quite the example of how each little corner of the home has been thought out down to the very last detail with the pool being one of the most “instagrammable” areas.