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Let’s Go Outside with Neolith®

Neolith®’s team of trendsetters reveals how to make your outdoor area awesome

As the weather gets warmer and the days longer, thoughts turn to spending more time outside, catching some rays and making the most of your outdoor area, whether it’s an extensive garden, a rooftop terrace or a boutique balcony.

Certainly, the current situation and various travel restrictions have encouraged us to spend more time in our homes, re-appreciating and re-appraising what we have on our back doorstep.

Now is the moment to seek ways in which to maximise the potential of these outdoor spaces to get the best experience from them, particularly during the sunny season.

So, as temperatures start to soar and summer approaches,Neolith®, the pioneering brand of Sintered Stone, offers its sizzling summer style trends which will help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Beach Bar Ready

While it might not be possible to get to the beach this summer, depending on your location, bringing the atmosphere of the seaside to the heart of the home is becoming easier. It’s helping to deliver the ultimate ‘staycation’ experience.

There are plenty of ways in which you can recreate your favorite setting to evoke a coastal resort, whether it’s the exoticism of a Tiki bar with a Iron Grey counter,or the achingly cool vibes of Café Del Mar.

Neolith possesses a wide range of patterns to achieve these looks and more. Further, the fact that its slabs are low maintenance and easy to clean mean they can be wiped down after even the clumsiest of amateur mixologists tries to show off his or her Tom Cruise skills!

Making a Splash

The trend for statement swimming pools has been steadily growing over the last few years and the momentum shows no signs of slowing down soon.

Where once monotone colors or glazed mosaic tiles were the go-to schemes, we have noticed homeowners become more adventurous. Particularly, they are taking advantage of surfaces in the Neolith® Classtone range, which look identical to traditionally porous materials such as Italian Marble, Limestone and Sandstone.

Gleaming the Cube

One of the highlights of the sultry summer evenings ahead is curling up on comfy chairs and sofas, and admiring the cosmos with friends and family.

Firepits are a popular option, immediately enticing people to congregate and socialize. However, these features are cumbersome, and often require a fixed location and constant attention and maintenance, especially during winter. However, there are a number of options launching onto the market, which allow you to have the same experience with less hassle.

One of these is the signature Neolith® neocube-o, which not only offers essential warmth on those clear, but often crisp, nights, but is also slender and mobile. This means it can be moved wherever it’s required and its relatively compact form means it can be easily stored when not in use.

Further, its chic, sculptural design characterized by clean lines, mean it will look fabulous in any setting, regardless of the overall theme.

Form and Function

Choosing the right furniture for an outdoor setting is increasingly important when investing in this space. Firstly, you want pieces which can withstand the elements and, preferably, be left outside all year round.

Secondly, these features need to look amazing, ready to be cleaned at a moment’s notice to cater for anything from an Al Fresco lunch or candlelit dinner, to an impromptu game of cards or drinks on the terrace.

Not only does Neolith’s extensive range of colors mean that any stylistic requirement can be met, the material’s inherent performance properties mean that furniture clad in the Neolith can be kept outside all year round. When ready to use, it’s as simple as lightly wiping the surface down with a soapy cloth!

Forever Green

As homeowners and garden designers become more eco-aware, many are looking for the greenest, lowest-emission materials, fixtures and fittings they can find when renovating or improving their properties, both inside and out.

As such, we are witnessing a move towards brands like Neolith®, which can demonstrate their sustainable credentials. We predict this appetite for zero carbon will only increase as we all try to do our bit to halt and reverse climate change.