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Jean Pierre Pastor

Neolith® in Jean Pierre Pastor Kitchen

Chef: Jean Pierre Pastor
Restaurant: Meltemi Restaurant
Country Parma, Italia
Models: Basalt Black

. Jean Pierre Pastor opened . his latest destination, Meltemi, in Northern Italy in early 2016. there he sets himself apart from the local competition by offering a menu comprised strictly of seafood dishes.

Pastor’s appetite for quality cuisine is not restricted to cooking. Shortly after opening Meltemi, ,, he expanded it to include a cooking school, to provide a creative space where the public can experience his passion.

While many professional kitchens opt for a mixture of the traditional steel and white, he has cultivated a warm, dark atmosphere, achieving a more tranquil ambience.

Pastor chose dusky Neolith® Basalt Black for the cookery school’s substantial worktop. In line with the current trend for inkier tones, the fine-grained igneous pattern has an enduring appeal that will see the culinary space adapt seamlessly to changing fashions and tastes.