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Kutchiin & Campus Loft by Holger Stromberg

Neolith & Holger Stromberg at Kutchiin, Munich

Neolith & Holger Stromberg at Kutchiin, Munich

Chef Stromberg has been enthused about the world of gastronomy since he was young with the pub founded by his great-grandparents converted into a restaurant by his father. Traditional, honest and “truly energetic” cuisine is captured in each dish prepared. This philosophy is the basis of KUTCHiiN & CAMPUS LOFT.

When speaking about the restaurant concept, chef Stromberg says, “Our main objective and vision was to create a dining room full of character for all types of events to meet any wish without saying no to any type of creative idea no matter how ambitious it may be. We wanted our diners to experience an excellent meal in a new, authentic and very relaxed way. Therefore, the restaurant interior design had to entice the stimulation of the senses to bring us closer to our guests and get them to have a real gastronomic experience.”

To do so, Stromberg chose Neolith Arctic White Silk to decorate the surfaces of his restaurant (designed by the interior design firm SODA) because of its high resistance to high temperatures and impacts. In particular, what most impressed him about Neolith was the possibility of putting a hot frying pan down on the sintered stone without any effect on the finish.

Plus, the initial idea from Holger and his team was to avoid the use of stainless steel which are omnipresent in the restaurant industry. So, they sought countertops which would meet the demanding requirements of a professional kitchen and that led them to Neolith.

As concerns the advantages, Stromberg adds, “Neolith is a next-generation surface with very useful properties for the world of cooking. It is highly adaptation and can be used for a large variety of purposes. Above all, the surface is ideal for working and complementing my philosophy and gastronomy experience approach; a passion for high quality combined with honesty and sustainability.”

Neolith Arctic White Silk is one of the most popular finishes in the Neolith Colorfeel Collection. It’s an immaculate white that offers designers intense light. Neolith Sintered Stone is becoming more and more popular in the culinary world due to its visual neutrality, especially among chefs who specialize in conceptual cuisine, and high tolerance and resistance.

For Stromberg, this model ended up creating the neutral backdrop that makes bright colored food stand out. It’s like a white canvas where you can imagine new dish concepts.