1. Identification Details

This webpage is owned by Neolith Distribution, S.L.U., (hereinafter “Neolith”), entidad debidamente inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Madrid en la Tomo 34639, Folio 50, Sección 8, Hoja M 623157, con domicilio social en el Avenida de los Rosales, 42, 28021, Madrid, España, y con C.I.F. B-87533469. You may contact the company through any of the following means: Phone +34 964 652 233 and email info@neolith.com.

2. Online Platform

Neolith makes this webpage available to users to provide and promote its activities, products and services.

3. Online Platform Terms and Conditions of Use

3.1 Introduction

Access to the Online Platform as well as the use of the functionalities (hereinafter, “Services”) and content (hereinafter, “Content”) offered on it attributes USER status to whomever does so and implies acceptance of all of the terms included in this Disclaimer. If the USER decides not to accept any of said rules or declares any type of reservations, he/she shall abstain from accessing the Online Platform and using the Services and Content.

Accessing and/or using certain Content or Services may be subject to special terms of use or rules which, as applicable, may replace, complete or modify this Disclaimer. If there is any contradiction between the special terms of use or rules and the Disclaimer, they shall preferentially apply meaning they must also be read and accepted by the USER.

This Disclaimer and all other terms existing for the Online Platform may be modified or replaced at any time. Any new terms will replace, complete or modify the current ones as soon as they are published on the Online Platform or by any means communicating them to the USER. To prevent the USER from erroneously believing he/she is subject to any replaced or modified terms, periodically reading this Disclaimer and other applicable rules is recommended.

3.2 Services offered to the USER

Through the Online Platform, the USER may have access to the following Content and Services, among others: Applications; What is Neolith?; Professionals; Collections; Projects; Newsletters; Contact Us; Company; Commitment; Work with Us; Gourmet; Karlos Arguiñano; Visualizer; Catalogs; Downloads; Private Area; Warranty and Cleaning; Subscription; Contests or Neolith Drawings; personalized newsletters with data the USER provides.

Neolith hereby reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the Content or Services on the Online Platform, any links or information obtained through them, without prior notice.

3.3 General Terms of Use

The information included on the Online Platform and the products and services offered through it are mainly aimed at natural persons and legal entities, both public and private, with residency in Spain or who access from Spain meaning Neolith hereby waives any liability for any consequences that derive from access from jurisdictions where the distribution or use of such elements may be contrary to the laws of such country. The sale of Sintered Stone products is limited to the countries where Neolith operates through its subsidiary companies directly or indirectly held.

The Content and Services offered via the Online Platforms are for adult use. Minors are prohibited from accessing and using the Online Platform.

Access to the Online Platform implies acceptance by the USER of the terms of their personal data processing as described in the Privacy Policy. Said acceptance is considered compensation for access to the Content or the use of the Services meaning non-acceptance of these terms implies the impossibility of accessing or using them.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Neolith hereby reserves the possibility of requiring USERS in the future to pay some other type of compensation for access to the Content or use of the Services. Any such new requirements will be published on the Online Platform prior to their entry into force. In any case, the USER may stop accessing the Content or opt out of the Services. The price, as applicable, will only be payable as of the effective date of the new terms.

Neolith has obtained the Content included on the Online Platform from sources considered reliable. However and although reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the information is correct, no guarantees can be made at any time as to the exactness, completeness and updated nature thereof. Thus, Neolith expressly declines any liability for errors or omissions in the information available on the Online Platform.

Despite the fact that Neolith makes all reasonable efforts so the Content and Services offered through the Online Platform are constantly available, the USER must understand that interruptions or limitations of access or use may exist deriving from accidents or unforeseen circumstances or even actions that are necessary to enhance the operation and maintenance thereof.

The cost for telephone services incurred by the USER to use the Online Platform and any other expenses other than mere access to it and the availability to USERS shall be exclusively paid by the latter.
Access to certain Content or the use of certain Services on the Online Platform may require the USER download applications on his/her device. This shall be done at the USER’s exclusive liability without any possibility of demanding any type of liability from Neolith for such actions.

When accessing Content and using the Services offered via the Online Platform, the USER shall be subject to the following rules:

  1. He/she may not use it in any way that harms or damages the right or interests of Neolith, other USERS or third parties; particularly, intellectual, industrial or similar rights.
  2. No activities may be undertaken that violate any Laws, morality, public order or generally accepted customs.
  3. Access is only possible through interfaces made available to the USER by Neolith on the Online Platform. Access through any other means is prohibited. Access through any other means is prohibited.
  4. The USER must not falsify their identity or engage in any third-party identity theft.
  5. The dissemination or management of content with malicious code or computer programs that may interrupt, destroy or damage the functioning of any application, computing device or telecommunications system is prohibited.
  6. The USER may not engage in any activities that harm, deteriorate or disable the Online Platform, its Content or Services or the equipment, systems and networks supporting them nor improperly access or attempt to access any sections he/she does not have access to nor interrupt, intercept, manipulate or harm the use of the services by other USERS.
  7. The USER may not modify, delete or manipulate the symbols that exist on the Online Platform reflecting the intellectual or industrial property rights held by Neolith or any third party or the technical mechanisms established to identify or protect the content or alter, remove or manipulate them in any way.

4. Liabilities

The USER hereby acknowledges that he/she uses the Online Platform and the Content and Services under his/her exclusive liability. Specifically, Neolith is not liable for any of the following, among other circumstances:

  1. The availability of the Portal functioning, the Services and Content and the quality and interoperability thereof.
  2. The purpose for which the USER uses the Online Platform.
  3. Any violation of the laws in effect by the USER or third parties and, specifically, intellectual or industrial property rights held by other people or entities.
  4. The existence of malicious code or any other harmful computing element that may damage the USER’s or a third party’s information system. In any case, the USER must have the adequate tools to detect and destroy such elements.
  5. Fraudulent access to the Content or Services by unauthorized third parties or, where applicable, the interception, deletion, alteration, modification or manipulation of messages and communications of any kind which such third parties may send.
  6. The accuracy, veracity, updatedness and usefulness of the Content and Services offered and any subsequent use thereof by the USER.
  7. Any damage to computer equipment while accessing the Online Platform and any damage to USERS originating in failures or disconnections in telecommunications services that interrupt the service.
  8. Any damage deriving from unforeseen circumstances or events of force majeure.

Neolith has no obligation to monitor the use of the Content or Services by USERS, their identity or the exactness or veracity of the data or information they provide. The way the Content and Services and the information published or transmitted is used is the exclusive responsibility of the USER, who undertakes the obligation of indemnifying any damages caused to Neolith, other USERS or third parties including fees for attorneys and lawyers or other professionals deriving from any court or out-of-court complaint due to a breach of this Disclaimer or any other applicable regulation.

Neolith hereby reserves the right to discretionally deny any USER access to the Online Platform or the Services or Content offered through them if there are any suspicions they will be used in violation of this Disclaimer. In such case, no prior warning will be necessary and Neolith will not be liable towards the interested party or any third party for any such decision.

The Online Platform may have the appropriate technical means to ensure the non-dissemination of content that is illegal, harms Neolith’s or a third party’s assets, rights or interests or which violates this Disclaimer.

Any user may file a complaint with Neolith for a violation of this Disclaimer or any other terms applicable through the email addresses published on the Online Platform for USER customer service. Nonetheless, Neolith will not be required to process any such complaint if it is believed no violation has occurred or any such violation is exceptionally justified by the circumstances of a specific case.

Neolith hereby reserves the right to file a court complaint against any USER who engages in any actions personally or through third parties which are prohibited in this Disclaimer.

5. Use of links

5.1 Any USER who wishes to insert a link in the Online Platform must observe the following conditions

  1. No frames of any kind may be set up around the Online Platform or which can be seen via different Internet addresses or jointly with content not related to this website in such way that they induce or may induce errors or confusion as to the origin of the service or content thereof, imply any type of comparison or unfair imitation, take advantage of the reputation, brand and prestige of Neolith, its customers or suppliers or do anything else prohibited by Law.
  2. No type of false or inaccurate declaration regarding Neolith, the quality of its products or services or regarding its customers, suppliers or employees may be made from the page.
  3. The sender may not use the brand or any other Neolith distinctive sign on their own website without express authorization from Neolith.
  4. The page establishing the link must abide by all laws in effect and may not make available or link to content that is unlawful, harmful, immoral or contrary to good custom and thus generate or possibly generate any false belief that Neolith backs or supports the sender’s ideas, statements or actions or which is inappropriate in relation to the business developed by Neolith and its customers considering the content and general theme of the website where the link is set up.

Neolith is not liable for the content of any third-party websites that may be accessed via links placed on the Online Platforms. Neolith does not recommend or guarantee the quality or accuracy of the information obtained by or through such links nor is it liable for any loss, claim or harm deriving from the use thereof or the information obtained through them, any interruption in the service or any measures taken in relation to privacy or personal data processing by the destination website. Neolith recommends carefully reading all disclaimers, terms of use and privacy policies on all such sites.

6. Industrial and Intellectual Property

All the Content and Services on the Online Platform (texts, photographs, graphics, images, technology, software, links, audiovisual content, graphic designs, source codes, etc.) as well as the trademarks and other distinctive signs are the property of Neolith or a third party. The user has no right to them simply due to use of the Online Platform. Any improper use of any such elements by people other than the legitimate rightsholder without their express, unequivocal consent may be reported and pursued through all legal means. Intellectual and industrial property rights must be respected by anyone accessing this page and Neolith is exclusively liable for any such use.

The USER must refrain from:

  1. Reproducing, distributing, disseminating, public disclosing, transforming or modifying the Content on the Online Platform except in cases allowed by Law or expressly authorized by Neolith.
  2. Reproducing, distributing, publicly communicating, decompiling, modifying or making available to third parties the software or databases that exist on the Online Platform.

Exempt from the provisions of the foregoing section is the use or reproduction of content or databases expressly authorized by Neolith for its customers or suppliers in virtue of the corresponding contract as well as the downloading, copying or printing of free content that exists on the Online Platform for personal and private use.

In any case, mass downloads of content or databases, whether manual or through computer programs designed for such purposes such as spider software (crawling software) or similar programs are prohibited.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed for a specific situation, the fact that the USER provides or includes content on the Online Platform will imply the granting of a free, non-exclusive license to Neolith without any time or geographic restrictions to reproduce, publish, publicly communicate and/or transfer all or part of said content in any manner or through any means or technology. This license shall expire when the USER voluntarily deletes said content from the Service. The sole party liable for such content not being contrary to the Law or breaching any Neolith or third-party rights or interests is the USER who undertakes to ensure all harmed parties are indemnified.

7. Severability and Waiver

If any of the clauses in this Disclaimer were to be declared fully or partially null or void, all others shall remain fully in effect and valid. Any failure by Neolith to exercise any rights under this Disclaimer will not prevent any subsequent enforcement in view of any further breach.

8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The USER hereby undertakes to properly use this Portal pursuant to the Law, this Disclaimer and all other terms, regulations and instructions which may apply.

This Disclaimer is governed by Spanish law and any disputes that may arise in relation to the interpretation, application and performance thereof shall be heard by the Spanish courts and tribunals. Having accepted the terms established in this Disclaimer, the USER hereby expressly waives any other forum that may otherwise correspond by application of the Laws in effect. In any case, the USER voluntarily submits to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Castellón de la Plana if the laws in effect allow submission to a specific forum.